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Whether you’re transporting a single piece of heavy machinery or require a full factory relocation in South East Queensland, do it the precise way with us.


We are here every step of the way, from planning to moving equipment and setting it up. We can relocate, remove, and install a variety of machinery, food processing machines, MRI Equipment, lathe machines, air conditioning chillers and other equipment across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and beyond.

We also offer other services, including chiller replacements, pump skids, construction lift motor replacement, and jack and skating work to assist with your factory relocation needs.

Franna AT 18

Our Factory Relocation Expertise

We understand that it can be overwhelming to install equipment, relocate heavy machinery and transport plant from one location to another, which is why we make it as simple as possible with our factory relocation service.


  • ​Provide full relocation packages including planning, lifting, and shifting machinery to a new location
  • Offer a 24-hour machinery breakdown service
  • Can move anything from food processing equipment through to industrial grade machines
  • Move heavy machinery around in existing premises
  • Customise our services to meet your needs
Franna AT 18 lifting heavy machinery

Precise Rigging is Here to Help You

Whether you’re looking for assistance on your next construction project, seeking more information about our crane and rigging services or want a quote, the friendly team at Precise Rigging is here to help. Do it the Precise way.

Chiller replacements

If your chillers stop working or require upgrades or replacements, the team at Precise Rigging can help with the lifting and shifting of these units.

We know that this work often involves working in small and challenging spaces, but rest assured knowing we have the expertise and experience to assist you without disrupting your business. We also use the highest quality equipment and materials.

Chiller on a stair climber

Lift motor replacements

We have the equipment to move your lift motor/sheaves to and from chiller rooms, and up/down stairs with our specialized stair climber robot and gantry/tripod systems.
Lift motor being replaced

Jacking and skating work

In situations where using a mobile crane is difficult, dangerous, or impossible, jacking, and skating loads and machinery could be the best alternative. Our jack and skates can be used to move loads and are ideal for lifting and positioning machinery and equipment into the final position.
We have a variety of options available, particularly if you need to manoeuvre heavy machinery inside a building.

Large pipe being jacked

Contact us

Get in touch with our team today to obtain a quote for our factory relocation services. Call us or fill out our online enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

For short term projects, we service:

  • Brisbane
  • The Gold Coast
  • The Sunshine Coast
  • Southport
  • Caloundra

For long term projects, we service:

  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich
  • Laidley
  • Gatton
  • Plainland

Unit 5B, 10-12 Cerium Street, Narangba, Qld 4504

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